DEFCON Underground MFG.


DEFCON Underground Mfg. has a wealth of manufacturing experience and holds several welding and plumbing certifications. DEFCON Underground Mfg. Owners have been in the Structural Steal, Plumbing and Excavation business for 15 years. We have manufactured a wide array of stainless steel objects, including bunkers, gantries, aerial walkways, gasifiers, dam components, and high end handrails. Our steel structures can be found at some of the major landmark buildings in our hometown and across the country.  Our knowledge and experience ensures that your bunker will be air tight, water tight, engineered correctly and will be the best in the market. DEFCON Underground Mfg. Bunkers are made from 100% Steel. You will not find any Wooden Seating, Wooden Bunks, Wooden Shelving or Plastic Showers in any of Our Bunkers. We pride ourselves on Quality and will NEVER cut corners. We also pride ourselves on keeping your privacy. All DEFCON Underground Mfg. employees understand that your privacy is a top priority. All of Our employees sign Non Disclosure Agreements before employment. We do not keep any Records of address or personal information. We will be posting Blogs on a regular basis over a variety of topics. We hope that you will give them a read and let us know what you think. 

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