Here are some Testimonials from our great customers

Jan from Missouri

We highly recommend Defcon for and shelter project you have. They really gave us peace of mind through the hole process. We love our shelter and the peace of mind it brings.

Dan from Texas

We want to thank Defcon for their great product. After tons of research we decided to go with their Defcon 3 and we could not be happier. The quality is amazing and the process educational. Its like home away from home. We are so thankful for the peace of mind it gives us. 

Erin from Kansas

We wanted something better then just a small concrete storm shelter. Let me tell you we are supper happy with our Defcon Storm Shelter. We were able to pick out the stuff we wanted and stuff we didn't. Its amazing. Now we don't have to be scared when the sirens come. 

Susan from Missouri 

We purchased a Defcon 5 after doing a lot of research and we are so happy we did. It has all the stuff you need in it to survive a long time. They have not forgot about anything. It had way more room then we though it would and the quality was absolutely amazing. Thanks for the great shelter. 

Cassie for California 

We worked with Defcon on our shelter project and they were great. We had a unique situation with houses so close together. The made a special design that allowed us  to work in a tight space to fit our needs. They were very knowledgeable and did exactly what they said they would. We cant wait to put one at our other property. Thanks 

Jim in Georgia 

We had Defcon build us a custom bunker to go with our new house we built. They worked with our general contractor and were great. Everything went smooth and the quality was outstanding. We are thankful for a smooth process and staying with our time line. Thank you so much